July 06, 2015

Eureka! It's back on the web!

image courtesy clipartpanda.com
Well, I learned a valuable lesson throughout all this.

The back story is that, believe it or not, I am the one in the family who is considered to be the "techy" member. So, I thought I knew what to do to transfer my website to a different host provider. (Now in my defense, I listened to the tech people at the new hosting company and they told me what to do. They just neglected to tell me some of the finer details.)

Well, after a wave of panic, I contacted my tech guy and he fixed it all up for me. There were several little extra tasks that I was to do and was unaware of, due to the nature of how my particular website works. Anyway, in a few strokes of the keyboard and a little upload/download time on his end ... the Patchwork Square website is live once again. (The man is a genius!)

The lesson learned is an oldie ... "Kids, don't try this at home!"

Tomorrow I will be adding the two new quilt block patterns that I created while waiting for all this to magically be fixed.Whew!

image courtesy clipartpanda.com

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