January 22, 2018

Four Crowns quilt block

At first glance, you might not like this quilt block called Four Crowns, as it has a "directional" nature to it. Some might think that that will limit your options in the resultant quilt. I say that it is quite the contrary. Directional quilt blocks open up all sorts of interesting design possibilities.

Four Crowns quilt block image © Wendy Russell
Four Crowns quilt block

This Four Crowns quilt block is a four patch and is constructed entirely of half square triangles, in two different sizes. This is the perfect block to use to practice up on the most commonly used quilt patch.

The two sample quilts shown below give you ideas of how the directional aspect of this quilt block can work to create a wide variety of different quilt layouts. I would be interested in seeing some that you can design as well.

Quilts designed using the FOUR CROWNS quilt block - images © Wendy Russell
Quilts designed using the FOUR CROWNS quilt block

All images © W. Russell, patchworksquare.com

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