September 18, 2017

Garden Square quilt block

The Garden Square quilt block might look familiar to you. It is similar to another block called Folded Corners, but with a simple change. Look closely and you will see the slight difference between the two blocks.

Since the name of this nine patch block brings a garden or greenery to mind -- (at least it does to me) -- one of the block samples is done in appropriate colours of a natural setting. I also chose a different colour scheme for those of you who like a more "masculine" look. In both cases, I stuck with the monochrome colours in order to continue on theme of an optical illusion that is created in the corners -- as if they are folded down -- just as in the Folded Corners quilt block.

Garden Square quilt block images © Wendy Russell
Garden Square quilt blocks 

Below are two of the four different sample quilts I designed using this block. You can see the other examples when you download the free quilt block pattern. I hope you truly enjoy creating your own special quilt with this quilt block.

Quilts designed using the GARDEN SQUARE quilt block - imagex © Wendy Russell
Quilts designed using the GARDEN SQUARE quilt block

More "optical illusion" quilt blocks:
~ Folded Corners 
~ Formal Frame

All images © W. Russell,

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