August 09, 2017

King's Crown quilt block

The King's Crown quilt block is technically a six patch (as it is designed using a 6 x 6 grid), but it is constructed as an uneven nine patch due to the large centre patch that takes up a great deal of the design.

King's Crown quilt block image © Wendy Russell
King's Crown quilt block

The centre unit is known as a square in a square patch. With the centre section being so large, this is the perfect spot to place a motif that has been "fussy cut" from a large fabric. It would also be a wonderful spot to place a photograph that has been transferred to fabric.

To finish off the patches to create, you will make a number of half square triangles as well as a few flying geese units. All in all, this block is a great learning experience, if you are new to quiltmaking.

The two sample quilts illustrated are both designed using on point settings. This just gives you ideas of how very different two quilts can be when using identical blocks.

Quilts designed using the KING'S CROWN quilt block - images © Wendy Russell
Quilts designed using the KING'S CROWN quilt block

All images © W. Russell,

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