May 21, 2017

Flying Ducks quilt block

The Flying Ducks quilt block would be a good choice to use as a learning tool -- as a "step 2" of sorts for using half square triangles. Generally half square triangles are used as a "patch" by sewing two right angled triangles of contrasting fabrics together to create a square. However, often we need to use the cut pieces differently.

Flying Ducks quilt block - image © Wendy Russell
Flying Ducks quilt block
In this quilt block, some of the single half square triangle pieces are sewn to adjoining sides of a square to create a large triangle. This new pieced triangle is then finished into a square by sewing a single larger triangle to the pieced triangle. Still confused? Well you can see what I mean by looking at the four corner sections of the block.

The second learning experience in this quilt block is known as a three quarter square triangle patch. Two quarter square triangles are used to make one side of the square and this then is sewn to a third triangle. You use different methods for the initial cuts of these triangles as it is always preferable to have the straight of grain of the fabric on the outside of the patch (to avoid distortion).

The two sample quilts shown use very basic on point settings of the blocks, but the resultant quilts look very different.

Sample quilts using the "Flying Ducks" quilt block - images © Wendy Russell
Sample quilts using the Flying Ducks quilt block

All images © W. Russell,

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